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Links of Interest To Beer Lovers

Beer Pages
Beer History Site

Very complete beer history information.
This Dutch based site is one of the best personal beer sites ever. Worth a visit, it has more information than many commercial sites.
United Beer States of Zymerica
Our own beer lovers community. It has all the features of Myspace. Think of it as Beerspace.
Henry's Beer Links
Large database of beer related links.
Lou's Brew's

A Maryland homebrewer's personal site.
Top Fool Jokes

Includes a bar and beer joke section
Beer Lover Cam
Great site. Hard to explain, so just give it a visit.
Beer Pal

Beer info, links, beer and brewery database.
Beer Church

Community for beer lovers
Beer Can Bob

Drinking version of Where's Waldo? Great fun
Add Liquid Caffeine to your BEER!
Liquid Caffeine

Make an energy drink out of beer
Beer Dorks

Beer info, links and a great beer rating page!
Beer In The World

Another great site about beer!
Beer Olympics

Another great site about beer!

Food and Dining, and Drinking
Champagne Cocktails 

www.DirtyBlondeCocktails.comThe first line of premium "champagne" cocktails in four contemporary flavors: Raspberry Flirtini, Peach Passion Bellini, Grapefruit Mimosa and Lime Mintini. Great tasting cocktails with a fun flirty style.

Beef Jerky - Fatman’s Beef Jerky is a gourmet, specialty jerky made from all natural ingredients, using excellent quality meat and unique flavorful recipes developed in our kitchen in Roswell, New Mexico. . 

Drink Deal  New
Find drink discounts in NYC. If they expand into Chicago, I will consider this to be the greatest website ever created.

Candy Manufacturing - Baker Perkins is a market-leading supplier of technology to the food processing industry provide best-in-class candy, fruit snack & confectionery production & manufacturing equipment & machines

Beer Related Merchandise
Beer of the Month Club
Subscribe to the Beer of the Month club and get great microbrews delivered to your home.
Suds Gear

Great selection of beer shirts.
Beer Pong Tables and Beirut Tables
Beer pong tables like Pong360's floating beer pong table can make a party. Find an official beer pong table, Beirut table, or other beer pong tables.
 FIREWOOD Neon Beer Signs

Offers neon advertising signs, Business signs and neon clocks.


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