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microbrewed beerWelcome to Beer 100    "All things BEER" 

My name is Dave Bumgardner.  I am a homebrewer from the Twin Cities who loves to visit brewpubs.  I hope you enjoy the information here, learn a little about beer and support your local breweries. If you are a webmaster, links to this site are greatly appreciated.

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Beer Calorie and Alcohol Content

Bar Webcams

Brew KettlesIf you love to try local brews when you travel, but don't always know where to look, then this is the place for you. My guide covers brewpubs and microbreweries in all 50 states. Many listings contain maps and links to the brewery websites. Click here for the beer! Guiness Stout GlassHave you ever wondered how much alcohol or how many calories your favorite beer contains. Well, wonder no more! I've have put together a list of this information for hundreds of popular beers. Whatever you drink, it's probably here.... Bar WebcamsIf you feel like spending some time at the local pub, but you're too tired to go out, this is the next best thing. Grab a brew and plop down in front of your computer for some couch potato partying. Head to the bar...
It's easy and inexpensive to make your own beer at home. Visit Perfect Home Brewing Supply for complete kits, hardware, and information on brewing. These kits use real grains and hops, unlike Mr. Beer and other low quality ingredients kits that just have you add water to pre-mixed extract. This is a great hobby, and also makes a great gift.

Cooking With Beer

Actually, this section should be called "Cooking with Drunks". It's just that drunks use beer to cook. Beer isn't just a drink. It also makes a great spice. I am in the process of creating, collecting, and testing the most mouth watering beer recipes you will find anywhere. Want to try Cooking with Beer? Start Cookin' . Visit the message board on Zymerica. There are topics about home brewing, brewpubs, general chat, and much more. Get the word out on

Zymerica Beer Community - It's like Myspace for beer lovers. Join today! .



Beer Jokes and Drinking Wisdom

Salute! We have modern and classic toasts for any occasion.
Irish Toasts    
I have begun adding beer jokes. Just a note of caution. As indicated by the name, these are beer jokes. In an effort to keep this site respectable, I am not putting any dirty beer jokes in this section. However, there is going to be some minor instances of foul language, and the jokes are about alcohol consumption.

If you are offended by such things, please don't visit this section. Or you can Start laughing now!

New Joke Sections:  Redneck Jokes, Rodney Dangerfield Jokes, General Jokes

Adopt-A-Soldier and Other Military Support Programs

Find the Best Alabama Crimson Tide football tickets, events here. We carry all Alabama Crimson Tide tickets, at football tickets, the leader in football Tickets. While we're all here enjoying our beer, there are a lot of people working very hard to give us the freedom to do so. As a Gulf 1 veteran, I know first hand the long hours these guys are putting in, and what it means to get something from home, or see that the work you are doing is appreciated.
I have compiled a listing of programs through which you can help. Packages, letters, phone minutes, air miles, etc. All are needed, and all are appreciated. While I can't vouch for every one of these programs, most of the list came from the Defense Department website. If you have any positive or negative comments on any one of them, please let me know. Click Here to show your support!

Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas It might be one of the longest running preparations however


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